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Well i will give you a few tits i mean tips First it's all in the grip of the stick either a firm hold or a soft gentle grip depending if you want it to be a hard shot or a nice gentle one. Then there is the stroke. Long slow and gentle or with authorityand full length. Next is the stance Knees slightly bend backside sticking out a little ,if you want a softer shot or fully extended for a harder more roBUST shot. By theway i give personal hands on lesson too. These tits sorry tips can be applied to your next long slow game of snooker or a fast and rugged game of 8 ball. Remenber practise make perrfect sometime it's a very HARD game to MASTER. Lol And don't forget you need to perfect your racking skills from the looks of it you all ready have. Remember blue balls are worth 5 points and best not left on the table to long. Grip hard around the base of the stick, then take the tip in your mouth to get it all nice and wet and slippery, then aim at one your holes and drive the balls home. We're still talking about pool, right? Love the pic. YUM! I'll teach you everything I know.About pool too. First i have to wrap my arms around you while you hold that long hard.Que. The object is to hit the balls.But not too hard. I have a long cue of my own that would be ideal for you.It feels good in the hand and slides back n forth real nice for the perfect stroke. It's perfect fot potting holes too! Would luv to teach u but it would take many, many lessons, provide you wear this outfit or others even skimpier, we might even get around to teaching you how to play pool.